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Unformatted text preview: at happens when the real DNS reply shows up? •  Likely not be a problem –  There is no outstanding query aCer fake reply is accepted –  So real reply will be discarded Computer Networks 63 DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) •  Extends DNS with new record types –  –  –  –  RRSIG for digital signatures of records DNSKEY for public keys for valida7on DS for public keys for delega7on First version in ‘97, revised by ’05 •  Deployment requires soCware upgrade at both client and server –  Root servers upgraded in 2010 –  Followed by up7ck in deployment Computer Networks 64 32 12/3/13 DNSSEC (2) – New Records •  As well as the usual A, NS records: •  RRSIG –  Digital signatures of domain records •  DNSKEY –  Public key used for domain RRSIGs •  DS –  Public keys for delegated domain •  NSEC/NSEC3 –  Authen7cated denial of existence Computer Networks 65 DNSSEC (3) – Valida7ng Replies •  Clients query DNS as usual, then validate replies to check that content is authen7c •  Trust anchor is root public keys –  Part of DNS client configura7on •  Trust proceeds...
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