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Unformatted text preview: TCP connec8on to the server –  Send HTTP request for the page –  (Await HTTP response for the page) –  ** Execute / fetch other Web resources / render –  Clean up any idle TCP connec8ons 126 Sta8c vs Dynamic Web pages •  Sta8c web page is a file contents, e.g., image •  Dynamic web page is the result of program execu8on –  Javascript on client, PHP on server, or both 127 17 11/26/13 Evolu8on of HTTP •  Consider security (SSL/TLS for HTTPS) later Prolifera8on of content types and 1.1 developed browser/server (persistent connec8ons) scrip8ng 1.0 developed RFC 2616 RFC 2965 technologies RFC 2068, 2109 0.9 Cookies RFC 1945 SSL 2.0 1990 1995 2000 2005 SPDY (HTTP 2.0) 2010 128 HTTP Protocol •  Originally a simple protocol, with many op8ons added over 8me –  Text- based commands, headers •  Try it yourself: –  As a “browser” fetching a URL –  Run “telnet en.wikipedia.org 80” –  Type “GET /wiki/Vegemite HTTP/1.0” to server followed by a blank line –  Server will return HTTP response with the page contents (or other info) 129 18 11/26/13 HTTP Protocol (2) •  Commands used in the request Fetch page Upload data Method Descrip.on GET Read a Web page HEAD Read a Web page's header POST Append to a Web page PUT Store a Web page DELETE Remove the Web page TRACE Echo the incoming request CONNECT Connect through a proxy OPTIONS Query op8ons for a page 130 HTTP Protocol (3) •  Codes returned with the response Code Meaning Examples 1xx Informa8on 100...
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