Discuss x also note the use of k collectively t q t12t

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Unformatted text preview: se of the observation scores p(¯t |qt )? Discuss. x Also, note the use of “∈”. (k) Collectively, αt (q ) ˇ t∈{1,2,...,T },q ∈{1,2,...,N } is a |DQ | × T matrix of k -tuples of pairs (so 2kT N entries in total). (k) The set of pairs at αt (q ) identify the location of the k largest ˇ items in the collective set of k -tuples in the previous time step that: 1) lead to entry (q, t) in the matrix, and 2) have accounted for the transition matrix p(q |r) for r ranging over the first element in every (k) pair αt (q ). ˇ Prof. Jeff Bilmes EE596A/Winter 2013/DGMs – Lecture 9 - Feb 6th, 2013 page 9-8 (of 180) Logistics Review Backtracking recursion: Two time frames Example of two successive time steps. 3 (2,1) state state 3 2 1 2 (3,1) (1,1) (2,1) (1,2) 1 (1,1) (1,2) (2,1) 1 2 3 4 best rank time t-1 Where are the back pointers? Prof. Jeff Bilmes (3,1) (1,1) (1,2) 1 (1,3) 2 3 best rank time t EE596A/Winter 2013/DGMs – Lecture 9 - Feb 6th, 2013 4 page 9-9 (of 180) Logistics Review Complete k -best Forward/Back...
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