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About 13 kms wrt lsr radial velocity lsr

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Unformatted text preview: the shape somewhat) € When combined with stars, gives nearly isothermal density profile – flat rota8on curves There is also an inner & outer cutoff to avoid divergences in density & mass Less than __% of halo is in compact objects; remainder is likely weakly interac8ng par8cles (WIMPs or axions) UW, ASTR 323, SP13, Eric Agol ©2013 11 Other Galac8c components: 5.  Satellite galaxies (LMC, SMC) & high velocity clouds •  •  •  4/4/13 Falling into Milky Way – some are disrupted into 8dal streams (cores are globular clusters, like omega Centauri) If ρMW(R) is the density of the Milky Way at the radius of a satellite, R, then the satellite will be disrupted outside the region where ___ > ρMW High velocity clouds consist of neutral hydrogen gas falling into the Milky Way UW,...
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