323 sp13 eric agol 2013 23 observed and intrinsic size

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Unformatted text preview: ars can form and predicts ________ orbits, both as observed. 4/9/2013 UW, ASTR 323, SP13, Eric Agol ©2013 Bonnell & Rice (2008) 17 Gas cloud heading for Sgr A* 4/9/2013 UW, ASTR 323, SP13, Eric Agol ©2013 18 Imaging a Black Hole i Why image a black hole? o  Test of strong- field rela8vity - “________” of event horizon o  Constrain mass & spin of black hole o  Probe ______ astrophysics - inflow, ouxlow i Can see black hole in absorp8on (Bardeen 1973) o  Accre8on flow - Galac8c Cent...
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