Berta 2012 gj 1214b cloudy zns kcl hydrocarbons

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Unformatted text preview: A Case Study •  Planet Charbonneau+2009 –  6.55 Me –  2.68 Re –  P = 1.5 d, e < 0.27 •  Parent Star –  0.16 Ms –  0.21 Rs –  Log g = 4.9 •  ComposiFon Benneke&Seager2013, references therein –  –  –  –  50% water envelope Cloudy H atmosphere? high mean molecular mass? primary or secondary? Transmission Spectroscopy Detectable Hydrogen- rich Miller- Ricci & Fortney 2010 Flat = high mean molecular weight GJ 1214b = flat, H20 dominated ? Berta+ 2012 GJ 1214b: cloudy… ZnS? KCl? Hydrocarbons? Kreidberg+2014 Atm ComposiFon: Example Most robust to atm. escape Atm. escape likely Requires light material in sig. volume Rogers & Seager 2010 Planetary FormaFon EMBRYOS Gas accre.on? Collisional growth? Core AccreFon Model •  Inner disk à༎ larger relaFve velociFes –  Smaller accreFon efficiency à༎ embryos –  No volaFles •  Large distances à༎ small rotaFon vel...
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