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Habitability atmospheres composifon history etc plate

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Unformatted text preview: ociFes +  ice! + ~10 Mearth to accrete gas MigraFon Models 10^4 – 10^6 yr Haghighipour 2013 10^5 – 10^6 yr Super- Earth FormaFon Mechanisms In- situ accre.on vs. Type I migra.on Migra.on Tides Giant planet shepherding In- Situ FormaFon? Raymond+ 2014 Dis.nct popula.on? NO MMEN = NOT IN SITU Chiang & Laughlin 2013 Broad distribu.on unlike gas Giant Planet MigraFon MMR a giant friend Raymond+ 2008 Type I MigraFon NOT ISOLATED + ~MMR Terquem & Papaloizou 2007 EvaporaFve Mass Loss IN- SITU RL OVERLFOW Kepler- 10b MIGRATION RL OVERLFOW RL OVERLFOW Kurokawa & Kaltenegger 2013 Disrupted Hot Jupiters Disrupted earlier Nayakshin 2011 Tides & EvaporaFon CoRoT- 7b Assumed current mass Jackson+ 2010 IV. Habitability •  Atmospheres è༎ composiFon, history, etc. •  Plate tectonics –  Recycles nutrients –  Relates to surface T, geodynamo –  Sustains geochemical cycles •  Liquid Water – deferred Plate Tectonics •  ConvecFve stress > lithospheric strength –  “viscosity” decreases = v increase = stress increase •  SubducFon requires negaFve buoyancy •  Mantle convecFon –  Rayleigh Nu...
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