Mini neptunes hard upper limit dividing line lower

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Unformatted text preview: een MN & SE •  Orbital dynamics (e, MMR) è༎ physical properFes (Barnes+2009) •  Minimum atmospheric height (Kipping+2013) •  Transmission spectroscopy •  Is there a threshold radius for a terrestrial vs. gaseous 1- 4 Re planet? Super- Earths vs. Mini- Neptunes Hard upper limit Dividing line Lower limit Lopez & Fortney 2013 Mass- Radius RelaFon Increasing envelope FlaBening Lopez & Fortney 2013 Mass- ComposiFon RelaFon Lopez & Fortney 2013 Bulk ComposiFon: Degeneracies GJ 436b Atm. captured Atm. outgassed Water world Adams+ 2008 Bulk ComposiFon: Degeneracies terrestrial Water world Valencia+ 2007 Minimum Atmospheric Scale Height Pure water Must have atm! Kipping+ 2013 Pure iron GJ 1214b GJ 1214b: A Case Study Image Credit: STSci GJ 1214b:...
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