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Unformatted text preview: mber (Ra) = funcFon of mantle thickness, density, gravity, heat flux + thermal expansivity, diffusivity, conducFvity and viscosity (~ M, T) Yes. P.T. “inevitable” •  Valencia+2007 –  thinner plates w/mass –  water sustains subducFon for ~ 1 Me but “not necessary” for > 2 Me •  50% reducFon in yield strength can come from water or mass •  Korenaga2010, vanHeck&Tackley2011 –  water more important in inducing plate tectonics No. •  Miyagoshi+2014 –  “Implicit in these pioneering studies is an assumpFon that mantle convecFon takes place in super- Earths.” –  Size affects mantle convecFon •  Adiaba.c compression, phase- relaFonship, material properFes –  Cannot simply scale to Earth è༎ numerical studies –  ConvecFon insufficient due to adiabaFc decompression, thick lithosphere, “sluggish lid” Hot plumes lose thermal buoyancy Ra=10^10, r=10^4 Miyagoshi+2014 Hot Super- Earth Atmospheres •  VolaFle (H, C, N, S)- free –  From formaFon (Mercury) or lost volaFles (Venus) –  Subject to thermal metamorphism •  Atmospheric erosion from vaporizaFon of crust/mantle •  Dominant gas = Na, O2...
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