Twarm warm q1 q1 w c q2 q1 w tcool cool c c q1 w1x

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Unformatted text preview: heat input as C. The number x is a positive number greater than 1, so the efficiency of C* is increased by the factor (1+x) compared to Carnot efficiency. Twarm warm Q1 Q1 w C Q2 = Q1 - w Tcool cool C* C* Q1-w(1+x) Q1(1+x) w(1+x) Crev rev (Q1 - w)(1+x) Q1 x C*+Crev C*+Crev Q1 x Next we take the original C cycle and speed it up by the factor (1+x) and run it backwards Crev. Note that each of the three cycles satisfies the first law of thermodynamics, as ene...
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