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CHEM 120 Chapter 7 Solutions Practice Quiz 1 Name ________________________________ (2pts) 1. A typical concentration of Ca 2+ in the blood is 4.0 meq/L. How many grams of Ca 2+ are present in 1.0 L of blood? 0.080 g of Ca 2+ (2pts) 2. Calculate the molarity of a solution which contains 17 g NH 3 in 1.0 L of solution. 1 .0 M (2pts) 3. A patient needs 80.0 grams of glucose. How many liters of a 20.0% (m/v) solution should be given? 0.400 L (2pts) 4. What are the characteristics of a solution, suspension, and a colloid? Solution: Very small particle size; cannot be separated by filter paper or semi-
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Unformatted text preview: permeable membrane Suspension: Large particle size; can be separated by filter paper and semi-permeable membrane Colloid: Medium particle size; cannot be separated by filter paper by can be separated by semi-permeable membrane (2pts) 5. Are the following solutions isotonic, hypotonic, or hypertonic compared with a red blood cell? a. distilled water hypotonic b. 1% (m/v) glucose hypotonic c. 0.90% (m/v) NaCl isotonic d. 5.0% (m/v) glucose isotonic...
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