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Unformatted text preview: Complex, ­ly, just Derivation vs. Inflection (1) Derivation It changes the category and/or the type of meaning of the word, so it is said to create a new word. e.g. suffix –ment in government It does not change either the grammatical category or the type of meaning found in the word. e.g. suffix –s in books Derivation vs. Inflection (2) Derivation A derivational affix must combine with the base before an inflectional affix. e.g. neighbour (base) + hood (DA) + s (IA) = neighbourhoods The following combination is unacceptable: neighbour (base) + s (IA) + hood (DA) = *neighbourshood Derivation vs. Inflection (3) Derivation An inflectional affix in more productive than a derivational affix. e.g. the inflectional suffix –s can combine w...
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