In portuguese arceivala s j wastewater treatment and

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Unformatted text preview: ical aspects in the reactors, hydraulic details in the inlet, outlet and transfer structures, dead zones, hydraulic short circuits, mechanical operating equipment, conditions in of addition the electro- to design, construction and maintenance aspects, should be jointly analysed in order to lead to an overall evaluation of each treatment plant. REFERENCES Andrade Neto, C. O. Sistemas simples para tratamento de esgotos sanitários. Experiência brasileira. ABES. (in Portuguese). Arceivala, S. J. Wastewater Treatment and Disposal. Engineering and Ecology in Pollution Control, Marcel Dekker, New York. Campos, J. R. (coordenador) Tratamento de esgotos sanitários por processo anaeróbio e disposição controlada no solo. PROSAB/ FINEP, Rio de Janeiro (in Portuguese). Chernicharo, C. A. L. (coordenador) Pós-tratamento de efluentes de reatores anaeróbios. 1 ed. Belo Horizonte: FINEP/PROSAB, c. 7. pp. 377–454 (in Portuguese). Mara, D. D. Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Developing Countries, Earthscan, London, UK, and Sterling, USA. Metcalf & Eddy Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Reuse, 4th ed., Metcalf & Eddy, Inc., New York. Oliveira, S. M. A. C. & von Sperling, M. Wastewater characteristics in a developing country, based on a large survey (166 treatment plants). Proceedings of the 5th IWA World Water Congress, Beijing, China. Orhon, D. & Artan, N. Modelling of Activated Sludge Systems, Technomic Publishing Co., Lancaster. Qasim, S. R. Wastewater Treatment Plants: Planning, Design and Operation, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York. von Sperling, M. Associação entre a legislação brasileira de qualidade da água (Resolução CONAMA 20/86) e a seleção de processos de tratamento de esgotos. Engenharia Sanitária e Ambiental (ABES), Ano 3, v. 3, n. 1/2, pp. 67–73 (in Portuguese). von Sperling, M. & Chernicharo, C. A. L. A comparison between wastewater treatment processes in terms of compliance with effluent quality criteria standards. XXVII Congreso Interamericano de Ingenieria Sanitaria y Ambiental, Porto Alegre. von Sperling, M. & Chernicharo, C. A. L. Urban wastewater treatment technologies and the implementation of discharge standards in developing countries. Urban Water 4, 105–114. von Sperling, M. V. & Chernicharo, C. A. L. Biological Wastewater Treatment in Warm Climate Regions, v. 1, IWA Publishing, London, UK. von Sperling, M. & Oliveira, S. M. A. C. Influence of operational conditions on the performance of 151 56 S. C. Oliveira & M. von Sperling | Performance of wastewater treatment technologies stabilisation ponds in Brazil. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Waste Stabilization Ponds, Thailand. Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development | 01.1 | 2011 WEF & ASCE Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants. Water Environment Federation/American Society of Civil Engineers, Alexandria, VA. First received 6 August 2010; accepted in revised form 17 January 2011...
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