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Unformatted text preview: ve for the mass of product actually produced given the initial amount reactants, the balanced chemical equation, and the percent yield Mass Percentage Problems • Use stoichiometry to calculate the mass or mass percentage of a compound in a mixture. Chapter 15: Solutions • solution: uniform mixture of two or more substances as atoms, ions, or molecules – a solute dissolved in solvent • Know how temperature and pressure influence the solubility of gases and/or solids in solution. CHEM 139: Exam 5 Study Guide • Recognize what occurs at the molecular level when a solute dissolves in water. • Recognize why the following can increase the rate of dissolving a solute in a solven: heating solution stirring solution grinding solute into smaller particles page 1 of 2 Chapter 15: Solutions (Continued) • Know the definitions for unsaturated, saturated, and supersaturated – Explain how to prepare a supersaturated solution given the increased solubility of a solid in a liquid at higher temperatures • Use “Like dissolves like” Rule and the Solubility Rules to predict what substances are solub...
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