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Unformatted text preview: le/insoluble in or miscible/ immiscible with water or other solvent Molarity= moles of solute liters of solution (units of M=molar) Mass Percent Concentraton (M/M%): M/M%= m ass of solute mass of solution 100% Molarity, Mass Percent Concentration, and Solution Stoichiometry Calculations • Solve for amount of solute, solvent, and/or solution given molarity, M/M%, etc. • Use molarity and volume to solve for moles • Calculate the molarity of ions in solution (based on number of ions present in a compound) Dilution Equation: M1 V1 = M2 V2 ‐ Account for new total volume when a solution is diluted with deionized water ‐ Calculate the required volume of a compound in solution to...
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