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Unformatted text preview: – precipitate (ppt): solid forming from 2 solutions – Use Solubility Rules to determine if ppt forms – Predict products of a reaction given reactants and Solubility Rules. – Predict all of the precipitates that would form when various ionic compounds are dissolved in the same beaker. Acid‐Base Neutralization Reactions – Know Arrhenius and Bronsted‐Lowry (B‐L) definitions for acids and bases – Identify B‐L acid/base in a chemical equation – Predict products for acid‐base reactions – HX + MOH water + salt – HX + MHCO3 water + CO2 + salt – HX + MCO3 water + CO2 + salt Oxidation‐Reduction (Redox) Reactions – Determine oxidation #’s for atoms in equations. – Use oxidation # to determine the reactant oxidized (reducing agent) and reactant reduced (oxidizing agent) – Determine the # of electrons gained or lost. CHEM 161 Exam 2 Study Guide F2013 Oxidation‐Reduction (Redox) Reactions – Predict products given reactants for: – Combination reaction – metal + nonmetal ionic compound (s) – Single‐replacement reactions – Activity Series, list of Active...
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