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01014 phcalculationsforweakbases

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Unformatted text preview: lve for [H+] or [OH–] given the other then classify the substance as acidic, basic, neutral. pH scale: pH = 7: neutral and pH < 7: acidic and pH > 7: basic (or alkaline) [H+] = 10pH pH [OH ] = 10pOH pH = log [H+] pOH = log [OH ] pH + pOH = 14.00 Know # of sig figs in [H+] or [OH] determines the # of decimal places in pH and pOH and vice versa. Calculate pH of Strong Acids and Strong Bases – Strong acids and bases ionize completely. – Accounting for all the H+ and OH– ions, [H+] = original molarity of strong acid [OH–] = molarity of base (# of OH– in base) pH Calculations for Weak Acids – Weak acids remain mostly undissociated. – Write the equation for the dissociation of an acid. – Set up ICE table with [HA] given or calculated. – Calculate pH of weak acid solution. – Use percent ionization of solution to get Ka. – Use the approximation that [HX] – x ≈ [HX] for x <5% [HA] – Use quadratic method or the method of successive approximations for: x ≥5%...
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