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Equilibriumproblemssolvingforkporkc 1

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Unformatted text preview: : system at equilibrium – To compare Q and K, Q must be determined in terms of partial pressure for Kp and in concentrations for Kc. Determination of Kp or Kc – Be able to solve for either using a variety of experimental data. – Given equilibrium concentrations or partial P’s. – Given initial & changes in conc. or partial P’s. – Given total pressure at equilibrium. Equilibrium Problems Solving for Kp or Kc. 1. Get balanced chemical equation 2. Write equilibrium expression 3. Set up equilibrium ICE table. – Let x=change in conc. or partial pressure. 4. Substitute equilibrium conc. or pressures into equilibrium expression for Kp or Kc. 5. Solve for x, using quadratic method if necessary. 6. Substitute value for x into equilibrium conc. or pressures to solve for Kp or Kc. Le Chatelier's Principle – A system at equilibrium will shift (if possible) to minimize any stress (change in concentration, pressure, volume, or temperature) – Predict shifts in equilibrium given specific changes. – Only changes in temperature (T) affect Kp or Kc. – For endothermic reactions,...
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