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Unformatted text preview: uilibrium lies to the left. – For intermediate values (10‐3 < Kc or Kp < 103), the equilibrium mixture contains appreciable amounts of both reactants and products. For Kc or Kp > 1, equilibrium lies to the right. Equilibrium positions: Set of equilibrium concentrations or partial pressures of reactants and products for a system. – While Kc or Kp for a reaction are constant for a given temperature, various equilibrium positions are possible for that reaction depending on the initial concentrations of reactants and products. CHEM 162 Exam 1 Review – Winter2013 Relating Kp and Kc: Kp=Kc(RT)n – Be able to solve for n for any homogeneous or heterogeneous reaction. – Know that Kp=Kc for n=0. Know Kc or Kp are unitless! Reaction Quotient (Q): instant state of system, not necessarily at equilibrium. – Also determined using law of mass action. – Q < K: too many reactants System shifts right to make more products. – Q > K: too many products System shifts left to make more reactants. – Q = K...
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