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Unformatted text preview: weaker the base, smaller the Kb. – Set up ICE table with [A–] given or calculated. – Solve for x to calculate [OH–] and pOH of a weak base solution. Acid Rain – Explain why rain is naturally acidic (pH 5.6) due to CO2 in the atmosphere and the formation of H2CO3(aq). – Know the reactions for SO2 and NO2 with O2 and H2O in the atmosphere with rain to produce H2SO4 and HNO3 (or acid rain). – Explain problems associated with acid rain. Given K 'w 1 [H ] [OH ] 1.01014 at 25°C – Know H+ (from strong acids) will completely react with any base, A–. – Know OH– (from strong bases) will completely react with any acid, HA. – Be able to write neutralization reactions for H+ or OH– added to any solution. CHEM 162 Exam 2 Review – Winter2014 Polyprotic Acids – Write the stepwise dissociation of any polyprotic acid. – Recognize the [H+] is determined only by 1st dissociation step for most polyprotic acids. – Solve for pH and equilibrium ion concentrations. The Common Ion Effect – The shift in equilibrium caused by the addition of a salt with an ion in common w...
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