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CHEM 120 Chapter 2 Energy and Matter Practice Quiz 1 Name ________________________________ 2pts 1. On a hot day, the thermometer read 95 °F. What is the temperature in degree Celsius? 35 C 2 pts 2. The temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196 °C. What is the corresponding reading on the Kelvin scale? 77 K 2pts 3. Freon has a specific heat of 0.1297 cal/g °C.
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Unformatted text preview: Calculate the number of kilocalories of heat energy needed to change the temperature of 472 g of Freon from 5.00 C to 25.0 C 1.22 Kcals 2pts 4. 1kcal = 1000 cal 1 cal = 4.18 J 1kJ = 1000 J 2pts 5. Complete the following table FOOD CARB(g) FAT(g) PROTEIN(g) ENERGY (kcal) Apple pie 29 14 2 250 Apple 16.75 1 1 80...
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