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consumption jeans - 9 Did anyone or any factor(s influence...

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Mgmt 331 Marketing CONSUMPTION JOURNAL 1. Item(s)/brand name(s) of the purchase: Guess jeans 2. Day of the week, date and time of the purchase: Dec 26 th , morning 3. Price of each item: 100 4. Decision process/Reasons for the purchase: They were very comfortable. 5. Which alternatives were considered? Other less expensive jeans, different wash and style. 6. Why did you select this particular brand? (i.e. what factors influenced you most?) Shopping around and they were the pair that he liked. 7. Name and address of the retail outlet (why did you select this outlet?) Guess Jeans, Westchester Mall, NY. It was where we were doing after Christmas shopping 8. Planned or impulse purchase? Planned to purchase jeans, but this particular brand was impulse.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Did anyone or any factor(s) influence your buying? List all the factors. Factors were how comfortable, the price, and the style. Girlfriend influenced purchase on price and if they looked good. 10. How did you feel after the purchase? Annoyed because the customer service was terrible but happy with the product. 11. What promotional material (advertising, etc.) did you see for this product? None 12. In what way did this promotional material affect your buying decision? N/A 13. What suggestions do you have for the marketers of this product to better serve or satisfy you as a customer? Better customer service, actually have the pants tagged, educate employees. 1...
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