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Alice Thompson March 26, 2008 OB TR 1120-1235 Job Characteristics Model 1) Based on the job characteristics model Lynda Lewis would be best suited for job enrichment. I feel that she is best suited because she would give 100% to any job. She is doing a simple job and I feel she would be open to learning skill variety. She would enjoy doing a new aspect of her job and would complete her work (i.e. task identity). Lewis would be motivated to accomplish new tasks and challenges using her range of abilities in hopes of affecting the lives or work of other people. She would enjoy the autonomy because she could make her own schedule to spend time with her children. I think this would be a large part of her motivation for job enrichment. I feel that she would
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Unformatted text preview: also get the feedback she is craving. By carrying out new work activities she would obtain clear feedback because it is less structured and more of her own ideas. 2) Buddy Jr. should give Lewis bigger tasks than simple sales. He could start to train her for a managerial position. If he did this she would be using or learning new skills. By giving her this option to become a manager she would have more freedom by not being bound by a quota. She would feel autonomy if he allowed her to take on more responsibility because she would have more control over her schedule as she would not be bound by a sales quota, thus allowing her more time with her children which would be great motivation for her....
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