Lecture 15 - Introduction to VBA

Lecture 15 - Introduction to VBA - Introduction to Visual...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Visual Basic for Applications VBA is a programming language that is included with all Microsoft Office applications VBA allows users to customize and extend the capabilities of these applications Based upon Visual Basic 6.0 Real World Uses of VBA Automatically color worksheet elements by content Automatically transpose row and column data Import / export data in non-native formats Compute specialized values Dynamically construct worksheets and worksheet content Convert formulas to values Write HTML or XML for web publishing Perform custom sorting Many, many, many more,,, VBA Language Reference A complete set of reference materials for VBA programming in Excel has been posted on the course website Interactive help file Located under Course Documents Many additional resources and tutorials are available online What is a computer program? A set of step-by-step instructions that direct a computer carry out a series of tasks Computer programming is all about problem solving! What is a programming language? A set of words and symbols that allow a programmer to communicate with and direct the computer A computer program is written by programmer using a specific programming language What do programmers do? Understand the users' computational and information needs Help users develop programs and solve problems Prepare instructions in a programming language Run, test, correct, and modify programs Coordinate with other programmers The programming process Analysis Design Implementation Testing Documentation Defining the Problem (Analysis) Specify Objectives Specify Input, Processing, and Output Planning the Solution (Design) Flowcharts Pseudocode UML Diagrams User Interface Design Coding (Implementation) Testing Desk-checking Compiling / Interpreting (Translating) Debugging Documentation VBA Demonstration... Questions? ...
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