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Terrorist Tactics, Operational Techniques

Psychological operations threats letters emails

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Unformatted text preview: om black market, exchanges with other groups • Explosives: thefts from quarries, armories, buy from criminals, state sponsors • Acquiring false documents via thefts • Freeing imprisoned comrades 2. Psychological Operations: • Threats (letters, emails, videotapes, audiotapes) • Blatant, decoy surveillances • Videos of hostages/beheadings, martyr videos • False claims of responsibility • Chat room/forum attack proposals • Videos of actual attacks (combat photographers) • Prison hunger strikes 3. Typology of offensive operations: explosive attacks weapons attacks hostage- taking attacks i.kidnappings ii.hijackings iii.barricade and hostages • standoff weapon attacks (planning an attack from far away, e.g. sniper attack from the top of a building) • materials attack i.chemical, biological, radiation • cyber attacks • combination attack ! IRA...
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