The process and anatomy of a terrorist attack

Muscovites are not immune from the conflict in the

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Unformatted text preview: ajor components of a terrorist attack: o Message + target + location + timing + tactic o Desire vs. restraints and capabilities o March 29, 2010 – two female suicide attacks in Moscow subways – 40 killed • Message: revenge. Muscovites are not immune from the conflict in the south • Timing: why now? Several months of alleged Russian massacres in the Caucasus. Rush hour • Target: multiple, soft, civilian targets = subways. Primary mode of transport in Moscow • Location: capital/central Moscow. One station near a park, under FSB headquarters • Tactic: explosives, suicide, mass casualty – indiscriminate o o Typology of offensive ops • Explosive attacks • Weapon attacks • Hostage- taking attacks • Standoff weapon attacks • Materials atta...
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