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Technology and Counter

New technologies 2 2 global terrorist thread 3

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Unformatted text preview: rwater torpedo bombs - use of hijacked courier, news, rescue, and police helicopters in suicide ops - forest fires - steganography how post- 9/11 terrorist thread is different from previous 4 decase: 1. new technologies 2. 2. Global terrorist thread 3. internet!! 4. Spread of suicide attacks against soft argets 5. Leaderless terrorist & suicide 6. Increased possibility of cbr attacks Key contentions • Operational, organizational, comm creativity is necessary for a terrorist entity to survive and thrive • New technologies have been more beneficial to counter- terrorism agencies than terrorist entities • From the terrorists’ poc, new techs can open up vulnerabiltiites • • It is in explosive attacks that new techs have aided terrorists them ost. However, they still prefer to use simple cheap IEDs Given the availability of new techs, terrorists have not fully taken advantage of them – B- The global jihad movement today: a militant, Sunni, salafi- driven, web directed, and lightly coordinated efford by a worldwide collection of individuals, organized, jihadist groups, and autonomous jihadist cells that believe: 2. 1. islam is under attack by the west 3. 2. the US is the primary enemy of islam 4. 3. it is islam’s manifest destiny to rule the earth 5. 4. muslims and muslim rulers have strayed from the true path of islam 6. 5. given current conditions, jihad is obligatory for all muslims. 7. 8. Enemies of global jihadists: • Apostate regimes • US • Isreal • The “West” • United Nations Shi’ites...
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