Left Wing Terrorism

Strategy of attrition wear down the central

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Unformatted text preview: in homeland Input into educational, cultural programs Access to higher education Irredentism: when there is a group within the mother country who supports the ethnic group in another country who is trying to form a new country Ethnic terrorism and ethnic diasporas: Immigrant communities established in another country Must maintain emotional ties to ethnic homeland Provide support to terrorist/insurgent groups in homeland Money, weapons, propaganda, websites, organize host country support, recruits Use their voting powers to further group’s objectives Tamil diaspora, Irish diaspora, Jewish diaspora, Albanian diaspora, Kurdish diaspora, Tibetan diaspora. Strategy of attrition: wear down the central government so that they’ll see you as a liability and just let you know - attacks on the center are necessary to accomplish this goal The Day of the Jackal ! watch this movie Marketing ethnic terrorism: Terrorists: legitimate struggle for freedom/liberation, seeks international sympathy/interference State: They are terrorists, criminals, do not represent the ethnie. A domestic problem, no outside interference. RIGHT WING TERRORISM Objectives: maintain state’s stability; intimidate foreigners Status: A minor concern Strategy: Eliminate anti- state groups (pro- state); keep foreigners out (nativists) Targets: Left- wing and ethnic groups; immigrants Tactics: Assassination, bombings, arson at...
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