Left Wing Terrorism

E palestine in general international community does

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Unformatted text preview: ps No desire or capability to hit US targets in the US This type of terrorism continues to be on the decline Major concerns: Colombia, Turkey, Philippines, and India ETHNIC TERRORISM Objectives: autonomy, re- unification, independence (separatism) , also sometimes recovery of a lost homeland, i.e. Palestine In general, international community does not like separatism, because it breaks up established states Status: most prevalent form of terrorism in the world today Strategy: strategy of attrition (as opposed to left- wing groups who follow strategy of destabilization), attacks in the center ! want to make state see you as a liability, so that they will let you go. Targets: focus on domestic targets, rarely attack US Tactics: indiscriminate, mass- casualty attacks; suicide attacks Notorious groups: ETA, Chechen rebels in Russia, Kurdish groups in SE Turkey, N.E. India, MEND in Niger Delta of Nigeria 3 levels of attacks: 1. Autonomy: in the aggrieved region 2. Re- unification: in the capital 3. Independence: outside the country, attacks on diplomats abroad ! also demonstrates operational strength (threat projection) Sensitive ethnic issues Practice their religion Speak their language Publications/music/media in their language Control/benefit from natural resources in their homeland Administrative control over their homeland Balance taxation/state’s investment...
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