Global Jihadist Movement

Defeat terrorists and their organizations 2 deny

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Unformatted text preview: communication of violence Not feasible to rewrite the terrorist narrative De- legitimize leaders From 1968- 2010, about 4,500 americans have been killed in terrorist attacks • Only about 26 a year overseas Of 192 sovreign states in 2012, only 4 have had their overseas interests consistently targeted since 1968 – Israel, GB, France, US. US has been by far the most targeted Why has the US been so targeted? • • • • • • • • • Only superpower – blamed for everything Most dominant capitalist system in the world Support for controversial allies Occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq Perceived to be engaged in a war on Islam Onvolvement in violent conflicts around the world Perceived arrogance, manifest destiny of planning democracy Extensive military political, economic presence overseas Envy, jealousy US counter- terrorism goals – 4 Ds 1. DEFEAT terrorists and their organizations 2. DENY sponsorship, support, sanctuary to terrorists a. Safehavens: ungovernmed, ill- governed areas where terrorirst are able to organize, plan, raise funds, communication, recruit, etc. i. E.g. Somalia, Trans- Sahara, parts of Philippines 3. DIMINISH the underlying conditions that terrorists exploit a. Promote alternatives b. Undermine AQ narrative c. Building capacity of the other country 4. DEFEND US citizens and interests at home and abroad **very important!! 4 Ds are integrated into the National Strategy for Combating Terrorism US counter- terrorism strategy 1. Apply all elements of national power (diplomacy, economic, intelligence, law enforcement, military might) in conjunction with international partners, allies, and like- minded non-...
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