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Butt breasts like silicone implants inside stomach fat

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Unformatted text preview: Small and thin materials • Placed in proper part of the bosy • Non- metallic materials • Minimal wiring • Redundancy • Safety Carried suicide bombs: • Brief cases, suitcases, guitar cases, knapsacks, laptops, cameras Task for terrorists: how to carry a bomb aboard an aircraft without being detected? Body bombs: how? 1. Place PETN inside a plastic sachet 2. Use a hypodermic syringe with TATP Where? • Butt • Breasts (like silicone implants) • Inside stomach fat (stitch up wound) • Swallow gel- encased, time- released, explosive pellets Terrorism and Technology – 9/11 and perception of terrorism has triggered a technological CT industry: • surveillance, databases, CCTV cameras, face- recognition software, UAV technology (drones) Benefits of new technologies – • Reduce cost • Reduce effort • Increase impact or power • Easier to use •...
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