Text Analysis - The Method

Text Analysis The Method

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Unformatted text preview: oth b?Ji tCfG~ benne ~ornen lxin~ 0\lone . / Step 4: Binary Oppositions Write down all organizing contrasts (e.g. black/white; good/bad). ~ I Vl~ \ I~HI~ b\a ,' J jty~ \f \~~ m I S.llett:L -Wl J/ c)E.ufl1 biY Y?O S(Rlp }no '{JO: • ) lflOl J w}o r ,o l --h cte+ )~i ti dotv docA-ev) ~h-em l ~ 001 '1 l!\ li ff (_j).(~ ja'W5e - ---- ------------ Name ·- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Step 5: Most Significant Repetitions, Strands, and Binaries wom-ett !x'1n') C\uJ d'jlh5)1NJV!~ .c Step 6: Choose 1 (one) repetition.' strand, or binary that you think is the most significant, then wrrte 1 paragraph explaining why. {A \ -th , 'C) I vo L v\JOHliYL ·~ s 1Vl U\ t --\Vlt ' ru.ct oJ 1M i .f I c; VlO iUt I_. (CIJ t C\V'lC how l ~~ .e mV-hM Sh£. 8hOV\l).-iv\1.V1 Y\e ittl 1!-S D V::VUf 'y\)01'1 J. Vl I V\ h I & \ d~-t. · H---t ~tt '15 fV\A f --t11l ~ rei •:std h, m and ~tY-e gup1XE:P --Jv to Itt C/).r-t. oF s pod~ bu-t -tN '-/ d I . '- . It~ +e-..\ It-s o cvu +- hC/1/1.} (A U t'\2.. if.-- 'r 1 ~ CA 0& +b-e "r• 1 -p:J ·,'<:. fov how 9\L -tvee..-ls \'), M 1?-.1 YJe 1(15 £A rilL. c fAlVV\ ----- + ~~{~ G~ -11\ e ~em 'fY\fA \f q l=; r<6~ be yU1--z-Lld YJ\.f -+fA0-r iro-t tvu- 'nctvr-ttw seerv1.S to K-novJ So YY\\JCVI o ben>+ fvu- doc,+ov--, 'rJ.vt rA C~oRv- readJ flj o.ft'i\l · ~m h.e. t PS v s ~ · W\0+ -, s 'm-ere l 1\o\) I "I\~v ~ 1s Son JrlcWJ. pu ni sNcl W \uv C6nd1 d,n ~vu... 0V\r-l odlnvt b\1\JC\~ y...
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