reading before coming to class to make this worth

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Unformatted text preview: o some (light!) reading before coming to class. To make this worth your while, there will also be pre-reading quizzes that will test your knowledge of this material. At the end of each week, I will post the ‘post-class’ assignment, which will consist of a single question from an old exam. The goal here is twofold: 1) practicing solving these questions will help reinforce the material for you, and 2) you will get lots of practice with examstyle questions before the actual exam. Why are we using this “flipped classroom” thing anyway? Because it works. Studies show that students who work in group, solving problems together, retain more information. If you can work on problems while you have access to an “expert”, you can get immediate feedback on any problems you’re having. This is not to say that the whole process is going to be fun and easy. Learning is tough. You’re going to face problems you can’t solve, and it will be frustrating, I promise. But as you learn new concepts and we eliminate any misconceptions you might have, you’ll do better in the course and be better prepared for the academic road ahead. Pre-Reading Quizzes: I will post a pre-reading assignment on our website that will guide your prereading with specific pages and questions for you to ponder. Once you have finished, you can access the pre-reading quiz for the week on our website. Quizzes will be due at the beginning of class on the Monday of each upcoming week. In-class participation/iClickers: During class time, I will try to engage the class using problems/questions that will either be posed using the iClicker system, or by group assignments. Group work will be handed in at the end of each class (1 page per group). Post-class assignments: At the end of each week, I will post an “assignment” on our site that will be due at the beginning of Monday’s class the following week. This assignment will be one old exam question that should help reinforce some of the key concepts we covered the previous week, as wel...
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