Midterms both will be held in hebb 100 from 6pm to

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Unformatted text preview: l as give you some practice with real exam questions. Midterms: Both will be held in Hebb 100 from 6pm to 8pm. Please ensure this time is free. First Year Biology Learning Centre: Located in 1507 Biological Sciences, it is staffed by teaching assistants and peer tutors for Biology 121 and 111 who are there to answer your questions, give advice and provide practice materials. See the schedule on the Connect website. Connect website for Bio121.226: • Use of the Connect website is required and can be accessed at www.connect.ubc.ca by using your Campus Wide Login name and password. • The discussion board on Connect is a way to communicate with fellow class members and ask each other questions. Academic Honesty Plagiarism or any form of cheating is not tolerated. Please see the UBC rules on Academic Honesty and Standards at www.science.ubc.ca/students/new/conduct. These rules apply to all exams and assignments (including in class clicker questions). Missed Midterm Exams Missed midterm exams can be replaced with valid excuse (other midterms the same day is NOT a valid excuse). Email me immediately when the exam is missed. You will need to produce a doctor’s note if illness is the reason for the missed exam. Your grade will be replaced with questions on final for that section that was missed and will count for the additional 20% of the final mark. Policy on missed final See the Dean’s Office in your faculty to determine if you will be allowed to write a deferred final. If you miss both midterms, you may not be able to write a deferred final. Official date for deferred exams will be Nov. 2013. Group Exams We will be using group exams in this class. Here’s how it works: you will write your midterm by yourself (individually), just like any other class. Then you will break into groups of 4-6 and write the exam again, this time with input from all group members. Data from other classes have shown that group testing increases learning, lowers testing anxiety and helps...
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