That is group testing should help you it will not

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Unformatted text preview: clear up misconceptions compared to writing the exam individually. That is, group testing should help you; it will not hinder you. IF the group exam is higher than the individual exam, the group mark will count for 15% of the grade and the individual exam will count for 85% of the grade. If your grade on the group component is lower than the individual component, the group component grade will be tossed and only the individual grade will be included. Dates Please note: all dates mentioned herein are subject to change. Mastering Biology If you chose, you may visit to use their online resources (videos, diagrams, practice problems, etc). Our course ID is: MBCOOKE70041 Note: this is optional and not required. Tentative Schedule Bio121 Section 122, Fall 2013 Dates Course Intro Introduction to ecology. Ecosystems Ecology Jan 6-10 Ecosystems Ecology Community Ecology. Jan. 13-17 Genetics Jan. 20-24 Wed. Jan. 29 Genetics cont. Jan 31, Feb 3-7 Genetics cont. Feb. 10-14 Feb. 17-21 Topics Text References Great Bear Rainforest Ecosystems, food webs, productivity Chapter 50 Chapter 54 Ecosystems Species interactions Community structure Chapter 54 Chapter 53 Characteristics of DNA, cell cycle, cell division and cytokinesis Control of the cell cycle, transferring genetic information, mitosis. Midterm 1 Chapter 11 Chapter 15 (it is expected that students know this info, but they will not be tested on it) Meiosis, consequences of meiosis Chapter 12 Mendelian genetics Extending Mendel’s rules Chapter 13 Reading week - no class Genetics cont. Feb. 24-28 Mar. 5 Extending Mendel’s rules Pedigree analysis, Inheritance in humans Midterm 2 Evolution Mar 7 Mutations Evolution con’t. Mar 10-14 Alleles in populations - Hardy Weinberg Evolutionary processes Natural selection Speciation Chapter 25 Phylogeny Chapter 27 Population characteristics Demography Population Dynamics Biodiversity and conservation Review Chapter 52 Evolution con’t. Mar 17-21 Evolution cont. Mar 24-28 Population Ecology Mar 31, Apr 2 Biodiversity & conservation Apr 4 TBA Final exam Chapter 13 Chapter 24 Chapter 26 Chapter 55 Biology 121 Learning Outcomes January 2014 ECOLOGY OUTCOMES Students should be able to: A) Patterns of Biodiversity 1) Describe the effect of global climate patterns and other physical and...
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