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125 fire and life safety program this

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Unformatted text preview: ....................... 125 FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM (This page left intentionally blank) FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM CHAPTER 1: Fire & Life Safety Program Introduction Fire safety is an issue that most of us never think about. We all have daily routines that cause us to spend our time and energy dealing with the people and things that are right in front of us. Only if we are exposed to a tragedy and we have any time or energy left do we consider possible emergency situations. Even then most of us never take time to think about how a fire or other emergency could drastically affect our livelihood, our property, and even our lives. The goal of the Grand Rapids Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau is “working to ensure a fire-safe future.” We accomplish this through education, fire inspections, and fire and building code compliance. Fire Prevention Education is the key to a fire-safe future. The first step is to educate ourselves to start thinking consciously about fire safety. This leads us to analyze the ways we do our work and enjoy our leisure time. Based on this analysis, we act to ensure that our environments minimize the danger of a fire or other emergencies disrupting our lives and livelihoods. Another step is learning to recognize and maintain the safety-enhancing components that are built into our environments. We offer this Fire & Life Safety Program to inform those of us who are responsible for maintaining the environments in which we work and play. This program will provide information about fire safety, and how to take action by teaching fire safety awareness, making our environments fire-safe, and planning ahead to deal with emergencies in a safe manner. We are confident that, by using this program, you can make a difference for yourself, your employees, visitors, and the community. Purpose This program was developed to support the Fire Prevention Bureau’s goal of helping individuals and organizations prevent fire incidents and achieve compliance with local and state regulation...
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