40432 1 preferred method of reporting a fire or

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Unformatted text preview: . Maintain a safe distance from the building, about 50 feet, to allow ample room for emergency personel and equipment to access the building. Remain outside the building, even if the alarm is silenced, until the fire department has given the “all clear.” You may attempt to put out the fire if you have been trained and are comfortable using a fire extinguisher. Otherwise, evacuate immediately. Hazardous equipment or processes should be shut down before leaving unless doing so presents a greater hazard. Remember to close all doors. Evacuation Procedures Evacuate via the nearest stairwell or street/grade level exit. After you have left the building, go to your pre-designated assembly point and remain there. At the assembly point, supervisors account for personnel and report any that are unaccounted for to the responding emergency officials. The pre-designated assembly point for this building: 6 ' " ! ! # ! (" " > " ' ! ) ! " (" (" (" ( "" ) Training Employees must receive training on all elements of this plan upon its initiation. Thereafter, new employees must receive training when first hired. Additional training is necessary only when an employee’s required actions under the plan change, or when there are changes to the plan. Identified Hazard in this Workplace Below list any special hazards and any required special knowledge and/or training for occupants working in this building (for example, presence and operation of specialized fire suppression equipment, or the presence of hazardous materials used or stored in the building): % FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM Additional Duties Certain persons may have additional duties under this plan. These duties may include assisting others during the evacuation, performing head counts at the assembly point, or shutting down hazardous equipment or operations. Below is a list detailing any additional duties and the person(s) responsible for performing them. The preferred method of reporting fires and other emergencies: <==) Emergency escape procedure: - ' +...
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