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Unformatted text preview: ROGRAM (This page left intentionally blank) &% FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM CHAPTER 5: Places of Assembly Places of Assembly Definition of a Public Assembly: Assembly occupancies include, but are not limited to, all buildings or portions of buildings used for gathering together 50 or more persons for such purposes as education, deliberation, worship, entertainment, eating, drinking, amusement, awaiting transportation, or similar uses, or that are used as a special amusement building regardless of occupant load. (Michigan Building Code, 2003 Edition [MBC]) Public assembly events involve various risk factors associated with having large numbers of people in one location. The primary risk factors are high occupant density, occupants that are not familiar with the building, occupants who may be impaired due to consumption of alcohol, and events held where there is limited lighting. These risks can be reduced through proper event planning and management. All persons planning public assembly events are encouraged to contact the GRFD Fire Prevention Bureau for information and assistance. Consultation is available by telephone, email, and meeting at the event site. In order to comply with the requirements of the International Fire Code, it may be necessary to contact the GRFD Fire Prevention Bureau to request permits and/or approvals as noted in the section, “Fire and Life Safety Planning and Management Guide for Public Assembly Events,” page 78, below. Required approval and inspections must be requested as far in advance as possible, but not less than 24 hours. Examples of assembly occupancies include auditoriums, sports arenas, lecture halls, theaters, clubs, and restaurants. All assembly areas are required to have “Capacity” signs posted near the main entrance stating the maximum allowable number of persons permitted in the space. If your facility does not have signs, or if a maximum allowable capacity has not been calculated, please contact the Fire Prevention B...
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