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Unformatted text preview: operate properly. Commercial Cooking Operations All non-residential cooking operations must be properly protected with a listed hood and suppression system. Deep fat fryers must have a 16 inch separation (horizontal or vertical) to open flames. The system must be tested and certified every six months. < FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM The report must be on file and a copy forwarded to Grand Rapids Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau. Hand pull must be located properly, on the way out of the cooking area. All cooking equipment and components (hoods, ducts, filters, etc.) must be free of excessive grease accumulation. Kitchens utilizing deep fat or oil fryer(s) must have a “K” model, wet chemical extinguisher specifically for the fryer(s) and a 40A:10B:C dry chemical extinguisher for all other hazards in the kitchen. Emergency Generator The emergency generator (if present) must be tested and maintained properly. Weekly operation is required. The generator test log must be on site. 0 FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM Fire Safety Inspection Procedures for Existing Buildings The following are standard procedures and deviations may occur: • • • • Fire Prevention Inspectors will schedule an initial inspection with the owner, manager or authorized person(s) by letter or direct contact The owner, manager or authorized person(s) will be provided a copy of this document Initial Inspection: The Fire Prevention Inspector will perform the initial inspection with the owner, manager or authorized person(s) present • If no violations of the applicable codes are noted, the inspection is closed, a letter of compliance is issued, and no fees will be applied • If violation(s) are noted, they will be identified in the inspector’s report and a copy of the report and a Notice of Violation(s) letter containing code references will be provided to the responsible person. Correction of the violations will be required within 10 to 30 days (depending on the severity of the safety issues), and a fee for the inspector’s time (and administrative fee) will be applied. A follow-up inspection may be scheduled a...
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