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Unformatted text preview: 66, below. The GRFD Fire Prevention Bureau should receive a copy of these reports when completed. The Fire Prevention Bureau offers assistance with training and conducting fire and other emergency drills. As a part of a facility’s Emergency Plans, training exercises and drills will be conducted each year by the Building and/or Emergency Coordinator to practice the plan. %= FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM Emergency Evacuation Plan Template &Hazard Assessment Checklist The template beginning on the next page may be used in the development of an Emergency Evacuation Plan which conforms to the requirements of the applicable fire code and standards. % FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM BUILDING/BUSINESS NAME & ADDRESS EMERGENCY EVACUATION PLAN (DRAFT) (DRAFT) Policy Statement According to ____________________________________ (Building Name & Address) policy, employees are not required to fight fires and should evacuate the building immediately in the event of a fire. The Grand Rapids Fire Department has primary responsibility for managing fire emergencies, and must be notified immediately of such situations at their emergency number by calling 911. Employees may use fire extinguishers to fight small incipient-stage fires (no larger than a waste paper basket) only if they have been trained in the proper use of a fire extinguisher and are confident in their ability to cope with the hazards of a fire. In such cases, fire-fighting efforts must be terminated when it becomes obvious that there is danger of harm from smoke, heat, or flames. Emergency Coordinator Building Coordinator is: Emergency Coordinator is: Building and/or Emergency Coordinators should be contacted with any questions about this Emergency Evacuation Plan. Reporting an Emergency: - 5 - *C6 * C6 - 3G35? ! ' G 3K " ? 6 ( " CGM ) "( " 3GG 3GG 6 ) B*-G6-C4 " 7 4 3 -5 " -5 # <== G- 6 1 " ! % " ! ) ) ! 35 ? C S <== 2 !" ) " <== ! ) FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM Assist anyone who may be in danger, if you can do so without endangering yourself. Exit the building in a calm manner using the stairs. Never use elevators...
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