must be free of excessive grease accumulation

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Unformatted text preview: also be nested together or in rack storage. Storage , FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM Storage of combustible materials must be kept at least 24 inches from the ceiling and at least 3 feet from gas fired or heat producing appliances, e.g. furnace/water heater. Combustible or flammable liquids not in retail-size containers are prohibited from being in a public assembly building unless properly stored in an approved flammable storage cabinet. This includes fuels contained in weed trimmers, lawn mowers, snow throwers etc. Electrical A minimum open area of 2 feet on the sides and 3 feet in front of an electrical circuit panel is required. Electrical panels must be installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and the listing of the panel. Panel must be mounted securely on the wall. Panel door must close and latch. All openings in panel must be covered. The main disconnect must be labeled. All junction boxes, switches, etc. must have cover plates installed. Extension cords may not be used in lieu of permanent wiring. All smoke detectors must be tested and installed properly Life Safety Systems Sprinkler System The sprinkler system (including standpipes or fire pump) must be tested, certified and tagged annually by a licensed contractor. The report must be on file and a copy forwarded to Grand Rapids Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau. All system components must have proper signage so that the Fire Department can determine what part of the building is served by each component. All control valves must be accessible with a minimum 2 feet to the sides and 3 feet in front. All valves must be electronically supervised and/or chained in the open position. Spare sprinkler box must be provided with spare sprinklers and wrench. Fire department connection must have caps in place. Nothing may be attached to any part of the sprinkler system. All sprinkler heads must have a vertical clearance of 18 inches from any decoration, display or storage. Fire Alarm System The fire alarm system, must be tested, certified and tagged annually by a licensed contractor. The report must be on file and a copy forwarded to our office. All system components must be maintained and...
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