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Drills the building and emergency coordinators

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Unformatted text preview: a fire alarm system, etc?). When developing your Emergency Evacuation Plan, it is a good idea to look at a wide variety of potential emergencies that could occur in your workplace. You should do a hazard assessment to determine what, if any, physical or chemical hazards in your workplace could cause or exacerbate an emergency, or impede emergency response efforts. A Hazard Assessment Checklist may be found in “Emergency Evacuation Plan Template & Hazard Assessment Checklist,” page 62, below. If you have more than one worksite, each site should have an emergency action plan developed that is specific to the conditions at that site. At a minimum, your Emergency Evacuation Plan must include the following: • • • • • • • A preferred method for reporting fires and other emergencies An evacuation policy and procedure Emergency escape procedures and route assignments, such as floor plans, workplace maps, and areas of refuge Names, titles, departments and telephone numbers of individuals both within and outside your building to contact for additional information or explanation of duties and responsibilities under the emergency plan Procedures for employees who remain to perform or shut down critical plant operations, operate fire extinguishers, or perform other essential services that cannot be shut down for every emergency alarm before evacuation Rescue and medical duties for any workers designated to perform them You will also want to designate an assembly location and procedures to account for all employees after an evacuation Specific elements must be included in an Emergency Evacuation Plan. This program includes a model plan to assist in the development and implementation of individualized plans. See a model template in the section: “Emergency Evacuation Plan Template & Hazard Assessment Checklist,” page 62, below. Emergency planning requires 3 elements: =) =) 3 ! " ! () R " ! 81 . ! ! 3 " '2 ! ) $ %' FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM )3 ? " " " ( " )) ' " ! ) 3 ' &quo...
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