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Unformatted text preview: " " ( ' A) ( + "! " " ( "! C " ! ) " >! ! >! ' " " @ A "! ) >! ( " 8 • + • ( " >! "! " " " ! (" " + ! " " >! • - " ! " 3!! 3!! @A 3 " ( + " B " " (" >! <== !! ! ) , ' 45 6 " FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM Sample Sprinkler Impairment Tag Before Impairment: ATTACH TO VALVE, FDC READ INSTRUCTIONS ON OTHER SIDE Notify Fire Department Notify Building Owner/Supervisors SPRINKLER VALVE Shut Down Hazardous Operations (Hot Work) No Smoking SHUT Portable Fire Extinguisher(s) Ready During Impairment: Work Exclusively on Impairment Project THIS VALVE CONTROLS SPRINKLERS IN BUILDING(S): No Smoking in Building SHUT BY (SIGNATURE): DATE: No Unrelated Cutting or Welding (Hot Work) Check if Fire Watch Required After valve is opened, make 50-mm (2-in.) drain test. Drop in pressure should be normal. If pressure drop is extreme and does not build up, the system is impaired and immediate investigation is necessary. After Impairment: Perform Main Drain Test Notify Fire Department DRAIN TEST RESULTS STATIC PRESSURE Notify Building Owner/Supervisors FLOWING PRESSURE bar (psi) DRAIN TEST MADE BY (SIGNATURE) Remove Tag bar (psi) DATE: FRONT BACK < FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM (This page left intentionally blank) $0 FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM CHAPTER 4: Planning Emergency Planning and Preparedness Responding to a Fire Emergency If a fire emergency occurs, all persons have a responsibility to take immediate and appropriate action to ensure their own safety. The Emergency Response Plan will be activated and all personnel must evacuate the building. There is no employer expectation for employees to attempt to extinguish a fire or otherwise stay in their workplace for any reason upon being notified of a fire emergency. However, a specific employee may be required to maintain critical equipment or services or to arrange for the...
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