Panel must be mounted securely on the wall panel door

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Unformatted text preview: nant space) is permitted to be equipped with a thumb turn OR a key operated locking device from the egress side provided that a readily visible durable sign is posted on the egress side or adjacent to the door stating: THIS DOOR TO REMAIN UNLOCKED WHEN BUILDING IS OCCUPIED. The lettering on the sign shall be at least 1 inch high on a contrasting background. All doors designated as exits must have a minimum 32" clear width when fully open. Aisles Aisles leading to an exit door shall have at least 44” of clear width. Aisles shall not be obstructed. Where tables and chairs are used, access shall be maintained to all aisles. Exit Signage and Emergency Lighting All exits must be clearly indicated with an approved illuminated exit sign. To ensure continued illumination for at least 90 minutes, the exit signs and emergency lights must have a primary and a back up power source in case of power loss. The back up power source can be from storage batteries, an on-site generator, or the like. The entire exit path (including immediately outside the exit door) must be lighted at all times. Fire Extinguishers You must have the proper type of fire extinguishers. The size, type and location are determined by the hazards they are intended to protect. Insure all extinguishers are inspected, certified, and tagged annually by a qualified contractor. The contractor will advise you on the required size, type and location. You may look in the yellow pages under Fire Extinguishers for a contractor. All fire extinguishers must be accessible and mounted with the bottom of the extinguisher a minimum of 4 inches off the floor and the handle a maximum of 42 inches above the floor (for ADA compliance). Compressed Gas Cylinders All compressed gas cylinders in use or storage, (full or empty) shall be adequately secured to prevent falling or being knocked over. We encourage the use of chain(s) for this purpose. Rope and bungee cords have a stretch component and are subject to degradation by fire. The cylinders can...
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