Remain outside the building even if the alarm is

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Unformatted text preview: access Floor plans showing exits, primary and secondary evacuation routes, accessible egress routes, areas of refuge, manual fire alarm boxes, and fire alarm control panel(s) A list of the major fire hazards associated with the normal use and occupancy of the premises, including maintenance and housekeeping procedures Identification and assignment of personnel responsible for the maintenance of systems and equipment installed to prevent or control fires Identification and assignment of personnel responsible for maintenance, housekeeping and controlling fuel hazard sources See “Fire Safety Plan Template,” page 70, below. $< FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM (This page has been left intentionally blank) %0 FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM Fire and other Emergency Drills Once you have reviewed your Emergency Evacuation Plan with your employees and residents, and everyone has had the proper emergency response training as stated in the previous section, it is a good idea to hold practice drills as often as necessary to keep employees and residents prepared. Fire drills are a vital part of a comprehensive fire safety program. Drills are held to familiarize occupants with evacuation procedures and to make the evacuation a matter of established routine. Following are fire drill frequency and participant requirements by occupancy type: 45 * 5 * 3C M 4 @ 4 @E/= @ 4 ! 4 @ 4 @3 1 2 5 J* C M ! 3= 3 ! " 35 - - 3 - C J ! A ? = " 3 ! A ! -= 'F A ! 5/== '? A ! 5/ G J ! J ! J = "" "" ! A See “Glossary” on page 125, below, for descriptions of occupancy types In Michigan, first drill of school year must occur within 10 days of beginning of term. Monthly drills may be deferred during months of inclement weather, but must be scheduled both before and after inclement weather months 3 Fire evacuation drills in assisted living facilities shall include all residents. A form for reporting and recording fire drills is included on the “Fire Drill Reporting Form,” page...
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