Fire and Life Safety Program

Remain outside until the appropriate signal is given

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Unformatted text preview: t; (" - ! " " ! ) ! " " " ! )3 " " ( 8 • • • • - (" "! " ! " - ! "! 7 "! " (" " 4 ! ( 8 • • " • C ! • ? • • • G • ! " " " ! '" . ' ! ". ( ! ! '" ! >! " $ ( ! FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM Fire Emergency Evacuation Procedures Fire Emergency Evacuation procedures are a vital part of the fire safety program. Fire drills should be held to familiarize occupants with drill procedures and to make the drill a matter of established routine. Providing well-marked exits does not ensure life safety during a fire or emergency. Exit drills are needed so that occupants will know how to make an efficient and orderly escape. Before a fire, occupants should: • • • • • • Know the location of the fire alarm pull stations and how to activate them Know the location of two or more exits Know the location of and how to use fire extinguishers Report any tampering or malfunction of fire protection equipment to the owner or his/her representative Know the location of the predetermined assembly point Keep fire doors closed Residential Occupancies Residential occupancies include hotels, motels, boarding houses, residential care facilities, assisted living facilities, and high-rise apartments or condominiums. (Nursing homes, although people live there, are classified as commercial occupancies). • Training: At the beginning of each year, or when personnel changes occur, the Building Coordinator and Emergency Coordinator will assign staff to fire warden duties in a particular area/floor. The fire warden' duties and responsibilities, and evacuation routes for that s particular area of the building or facility will be provided. The staff will undergo fire alert training sessions yearly. Residents will be informed of proper fire safety measures and evacuation procedures by means of signage on each room door for transient occupants, and by written...
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