The grfd fire prevention bureau requires employers

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Unformatted text preview: ncluding managers and supervisors – play a role in achieving this goal. The GRFD Fire Prevention Bureau requires employers and employer representatives to evaluate their workplace, work processes, and fire safety procedures. $ FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM Maintenance/Security Personnel Building maintenance and facility security personnel serve an important role in emergency preparedness. The facility’s Building and Emergency Coordinators (see page 52, below) are typically included in this personnel. Through the Building Maintenance or Facility Security, volunteers serve as Floor Wardens, who insure that their floor or area of responsibility is safe, and that maintenance issues are reported promptly. Monthly inspections of buildings include the following: • Fire Extinguishers • Exit Lights/Emergency Lights • Fire Doors • Stairways • Accessible exit ways • Fire Pumps (if provided) Working as a team, Building and Emergency Coordinators and Floor Wardens prepare buildings for safe evacuation before an emergency and assist in the evacuation during an emergency. Employees, Residents, Customers and Visitors Employees, residents, customers and visitors play an important part in assuring safe buildings and practices: they must do what they can to protect themselves and others within the community and respond appropriately to emergencies. Employees must avail themselves of information pertaining to the safe conduct of their work, regardless of the setting. Residents, customers, and visitors must also participate in fire and life safety programs and respect the safety of others and their own safety. Contractors Contractors working in the City of Grand Rapids are expected to observe and abide by state and federal codes and regulations as well as policies and procedures established by the City of Grand Rapids. Contractors should refer to the following sections for detailed requirements: • “Hot Works Permit Program,” page 101, below • “Fire Protection System Impairment Procedures,” page 45, below • “Fire Safety During Construction,” page 121, below Conclusion An important st...
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