The grfd fire prevention bureau will inspect all

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Unformatted text preview: ed or impaired in order to use open flames, an approved fire watch (See page 48, above) shall be required. =0, FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM Open burning—Outdoors Persons wishing to conduct a ceremonial fire or school bonfire may apply in writing to Deputy Chief, Fire Prevention, 38 La Grave Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, for a permit to have a ceremonial fire or bonfire one time a year. Each request will be evaluated by the GRFD Fire Prevention Bureau. The ceremonial bonfire requirements are: =) " + . " " " ) " ) " " " $) " %) 3 " 38=0B8 D 7W $7 7) 3 ) =07 ) " + " + " ' " " " " ( ) ) " ) &) 3 " ! 7W ,7 W ,7 W ,7) " ) + + ! + " " "! ! ) At the discretion of the Deputy Chief, Fire Prevention, a GRFD unit may be required to be present for the duration of the bonfire. =0< FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM (This page left intentionally blank) ==0 FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM Pyrotechnics Special Effects Operational Permits Pyrotechnic Special Effects Operational Permit (Fireworks Discharge Permit) Effective February 9, 2007 the Grand Rapids City Clerk’s Office has transferred the following Business Licenses to the Grand Rapids Fire Department: 1. Explosives 2. Fireworks Discharge Permit The Fire Department will now be approving all Fireworks Discharge Permits through our office at 38 LaGrave Ave SE, Grand Rapids MI 49503-4206, or online at The application process will be as follows: Applicant Responsibility (minimum requirements): 1. Obtain an Operational Permit Application (page 99, above), a Fireworks Discharge Permit Application (page 112, 113, below), and a Application for Fireworks Display Permit (page 114, below), from GRFD Fire Prevention Bureau, or our website at The applications must be filled out completely and returned to our office 30 days prior to the event. 2. Applicati...
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