Therefore preventing fires by instituting this fire

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Unformatted text preview: atistic regarding fires reveals that the majority of businesses that sustain significant fire damage never re-open. Therefore, preventing fires by instituting this Fire and Life Safety program is a kind of supplemental insurance for business and property owners in Grand Rapids. Even more importantly, using this program will increase the likelihood of preserving the life and health of people who work, live and play in Grand Rapids. The Grand Rapids Fire Prevention Bureau thanks you for your time and effort to make Grand Rapids a safer place to work, play, and live. If you have any questions about this program or other areas of fire safety, please contact the Grand Rapids Fire Prevention Bureau at (616) 456-3900. Please also check out our website at % FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM CHAPTER 2: Fire Prevention Fire Prevention Fire prevention starts with identifying fire hazards. All building occupants have a personal obligation to be aware of fire hazards and to reduce the risk of fire in our city. Even though not all buildings are required to develop and maintain formal Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation Plans, individuals should take responsibility for maintaining work area(s) free of fire hazards. In buildings and facilities that do require formal Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation Plans, designated Building and/or Emergency Coordinators will implement the formal plans, with input from all employees and/or tenants to ensure that the plans are accurate and comprehensive. Elements of Fire Prevention Planning • • • • • Develop a list of all major fire hazards Assure proper handling and storage procedures for hazardous materials Identify potential ignition sources and the means used to control them Develop a list of fire protection equipment available to control each major hazard Establish procedures to control the accumulation of flammable and combustible waste materials and the coordination of waste removal Establish procedures for regular inspection and maintenance of safeguards installed on heatproducing equipment to prevent accidental ignition of combustible materials Identify, by name or job title, those employees responsible for control of fuel source hazards • • In addition, the Coordinators must communicate certain information to every employee, which includes: • • • • Reviewing the plan with all new hires Reviewing with those employees assigned new job responsibilities or exposed to new hazards the parts of t...
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