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They are designed to extinguish or contain a small

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Unformatted text preview: Bureau. • False Alarms: Persons who knowingly turn in a false fire alarm (including pulling a manual pull station alarm) are liable for criminal prosecution. The City of Grand Rapids Municipal Ordinance, Chapter 172, provides for fines for excessive false fire alarms. False fire alarms caused by a contractor working in the building may incur a fine of $100, payable by the contractor. More than 3 false fire alarms in a year may incur a fine of $250 and up, payable by the building owner. Smoke Detectors Smoke detectors respond to both visible and invisible products of combustion and sense fire at the earliest practical detection stage. Smoke detectors are used for numerous fire alarm functions ranging from warning occupants to automatically closing doors. • Locations: The Fire Code requires smoke detectors in all residential buildings larger than an owner-occupied duplex. Residences require single-station (each smoke detector sounds individually) or multiple-station smoke detectors (when one goes off, all detectors in the residence sound) in the following locations: inside each sleeping area (bedrooms or wherever people sleep); immediately adjacent to sleeping areas (hallways); and at least one smoke detector on each level of the residence. These locations are strongly recommended for single-family and owner occupied duplexes as well. Smoke detectors located in the halls and other public areas of apartment buildings are connected to the building alarm system. & FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM • Inspections: Smoke detectors should be tested monthly to ensure proper operation. • Maintenance: In order for smoke detectors to function properly, they must be periodically cleaned and tested. Dust accumulates in detectors over time and reduces the ability of the detector to detect smoke. Simple vacuuming detectors on a regular cycle increases their useful life and reliability. Hardwired smoke detectors in apartment buildings should be cleaned and tested by an outside contractor on an annual basis, to ensure the sensing chamber and alarm circuits function properly. • Abuse: Misuse, deactivat...
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